How To Hypnotically Increase Your Personal Power

Hypnosis is the process of influencing others better (ethically, of course!).

In this video, Igor discusses the concept of personal power.

And how it relates to your ability to become the most effective hypnotist you can be.

Have you ever met someone so charismatic that it doesn’t matter what they ask you to do, you’ll do it?

And when you’ve left they’re magic aura, you think to yourself….

“What was I thinking? I don’t do stuff like that.”

But as soon as they come back… you’ll do it again! 😀

It’s because they have a sense of how the world is and they’re so sure about it, that we can’t help but doubt ourselves if it doesn’t match their picture of it.

Think of Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King.

Or even Apple products. It’s the same dynamic.

Why is that?

The personal power of the individual and their charisma projects a sense of reality of how the world should be and we buy into it.

And there’s nothing wrong with this – as long as that reality is useful to us.

You can learn how to turn on your own charisma just like that. So your personal power draws the best out of others. To know more visit


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