[Video Demo] How To Drown Out Harmful Thought Patterns From Childhood Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Using NLP to Transform Childhood Thought Patterns

In this empowering NLP demonstration, master hypnotist and NLP practitioner – Martijn Groenendal – helps a woman drown out a critical voice that’s been in her head since childhood – her father’s.

This disappointing voice pops up whenever she attempts something new, and aside from being frustrating, it still has the power to dictate her success or failure when it comes to learning.

Watch the video to hear Martijn explain why it’s common for people to still hear these voices as adults, and to see him use NLP to transform this subject’s thought pattern into something more positive.

Source: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/nlp-demo-harmful-thought-patterns-childhood/


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