What Hypnosis Feels Like: How To Explain The Somewhat Unexplainable & 3 Powerful Hypnosis Stories

What Hypnosis Feels Like: How To Explain The Somewhat Unexplainable

“What does hypnosis feel like?”

That’s a question hypnotists and hypnotherapists get asked a lot. And naturally, as a hypnotist, you want to give a good answer.

You want to be able to explain the feeling so that it helps them understand it better. You want to provide a reasonable answer that doesn’t just fob them off. Especially because some of the people who ask the question could someday become your subjects.

So what can you tell them?

The truth is that it’s not an easy question to answer for 3 very good reasons:

  1. The experience of hypnosis is different for everyone
  2. For some people, hypnosis might feel different every time
  3. It isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of experience

Hmmm. Those 3 points could leave you scratching your head. If it’s different for everyone, how can you possibly tell someone what hypnosis feels like?

The answer is clear: You tell them what it MIGHT feel like. What they might experience. What happens to most people.

Useful Tip: When asked to explain what hypnosis feels like, reel off the 3 points above. Give examples of experiences reported by other people, such as your own subjects or your friends or relatives who’ve undergone hypnosis.

Then, if during hypnosis they don’t experience something, or if their experience is slightly different, at least you’ve prepared them for that eventuality in advance.

Keep Reading to know What Someone Might Expect To Feel During Hypnosis and discover how to explain the somewhat unexplainable with 3 Powerful Hypnosis Stories from Hypnosis Training Academy.

Source: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/what-hypnosis-feels-like/


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