Interview With A Hypnotist: HypnoThoughts Founder Scott Sandland Shares How To Set Up A Practice For Pain Control, Addiction & Dental Hypnosis

How To Set Up A Practice For Pain Control, Addiction & Dental HypnosisHow do you know if a hypnotherapy niche is right for you?

Other than actually giving it a try, the most practical alternative is to talk with someone who works in the field.

This way, you get real-world insight to help you determine whether the niche is a good fit and advice on what it will take to succeed.

Which is why given the rising interest in hypnosis for medical and dental applications, this month’s interview features master hypnotist – Scott Sandland.

You may already be familiar with Scott Sandland as the creator of the largest free hypnosis social network, HypnoThoughts.

But perhaps what you didn’t know is that Scott is an expert in pain reduction, addiction treatment and dental applications of hypnosis.

In fact, Scott’s success has already led him to become the youngest member of the board of directors for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

In this month’s interview with Igor Ledochowski, Scott shares the unbelievable story of how he discovered hypnosis.

Scott also dives into what you can achieve through dental hypnosis, what hypnosis can offer to people struggling with addiction and why this niche is not for everyone. He also shares plenty of advice on how to help you get started in this field of hypnotherapy.

To listen to Part 1 of this powerful interview, simply visit Hypnosis Training Academy’s interview post.



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