Hypnosis: What To Expect? The 8-Step Guide On How To Advise First-Time Subjects [Includes Infographic]

What To Expect? The 8-Step Guide On How To Advise First-Time Subjects [Includes Infographic]

Imagine this scenario…

You’re at a party or an event and word gets out that you’re a hypnotist.

Suddenly everybody’s curious and before you can say, “You’re getting sleepy,” there’s a crowd gathering.

But you soon find out that it’s not just idle curiosity. Far from it. Because most people have no idea what hypnosis is or how it works.

So they do what seems logical in this type of situation: They ask lots of questions.

Questions like…

  • What’s hypnosis like?
  • Can anyone be hypnotized?
  • What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
  • Exactly what happens during a hypnosis session?

Now, you can’t just fob them off. As tedious as it might be to answer these kinds of questions over and over again, it’s something you should be willing to do.

After all, you can’t be a hypnotist without having subjects to hypnotize. So rather than thinking of it as a chore, think of it as a quick and painless recruitment tool.

Also, remember that for many people…

Their first hypnosis session will be a journey into the unknown.

They’ll have no idea what to expect.

Whatever you tell them could be crucial in planting the seeds that will help them decide whether or not to give hypnosis a shot.

So what kinds of things should you say?

Obviously, it makes sense to have some kind of response prepared and memorized that you can reel off so you’re not caught off guard.

This might also save you the hassle of having to answer any “hypnosis and chicken” related questions… we hope.

But as mentioned above, this is all part and parcel of being a good hypnotist.

It’s your role to help people bypass the limitations surrounding their conscious mind’s wall so they can access infinite possibilities.

What Hypnosis Is Not – And What Can Stop It From Working

Hypnosis has a long history of being poorly understood. Whether that’s down to a certain amount of quackery or to its portrayal in cinema and the media, it doesn’t really matter.

As the hypnotist, your role is to make sure that your potential subjects/clients are not confused by the misinformation.

You can do that by quickly clearing up a few of the more common myths surrounding hypnosis. Read More »

Source: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/hypnosis-what-to-expect/


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