[INFOGRAPHIC] Igor Ledochowski’s Handshake Induction: 8 Simple Steps That’ll Give Your Hands The “Hypnotic Touch” & Induce Trance


There are many ways to induce a hypnotic trance.

But when time isn’t on your side, or you’re after an effective and instant way to bypass a particularly resistant critical factor, the handshake induction will give your hands the “hypnotic touch.”

And while there are a few different ways to do the handshake induction, here you’ll find a detailed post that breaks down master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski’s very own 8-step handshake induction technique.

As always, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try this one with as many people as you can – especially given the built-in fail-safe escape clause…

Check out the step-by-step infographic guide to learn how to induce a hypnotic trance now.

Source: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/igor-ledochowskis-hypnotic-handshake-induction-induce-trance/


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