How to Read Someone’s Mind: 5 Ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading Techniques

How To Read Someone’s Mind - 5 Ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading Technique

Wouldn’t it be great if you could uncover a fact about someone that they hadn’t yet divulged to a living soul, and then use this information to enrich their life?

This is exactly what the legendary hypnotist, Milton Erickson, regularly did. He was renowned for making unbelievable yet accurate predictions about people, and then using this information to be a force for positive change through the use of hypnosis.

How And When Hypnotic Mind Reading Is Used

Curious to learn how? In this guide you’ll discover 5 ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading techniques and learn how they differ from Psychological Mind Reading techniques, which are used only for entertainment purposes. (Be sure to watch the included video demonstration of Derren Brown at a young offenders institute to see what we mean here).

Plus, you’ll also discover 4 Hypnotic Profiles to help you make very accurate educated guesses as to how a hypnosis subject will behave and what kind of language they are most likely to respond to. Visit to check out this guide and to discover more about ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading.



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