How To Read Someone’s Mind: 5 Ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading Techniques So You Can Be A Force For Positive Change – 2nd Edition

How To Read Someone’s Mind: 5 Ethical Hypnotic Mind Reading Techniques So You Can Be A Force For Positive Change – 2nd Edition

Wouldn’t it be great if you could uncover a fact about someone that they hadn’t yet divulged to a living soul, and then use this information to enrich their life?

This is exactly what Milton Erickson regularly did. He was renowned for making unbelievable – yet accurate – predictions about people.

He once astounded a doctor colleague of his by congratulating her on her pregnancy.

This sounds all perfectly normal, you might be thinking.

But where things venture into the unusual is due to the fact that she had literally only just discovered that she was pregnant. She was yet to reveal the exciting news to anyone.

So how did he do this? Not even the baby’s father was aware of the pregnancy at this stage.

Although Erickson’s insight seemed like magic, he had, in fact, simply used his powers of observation.

And no, it wasn’t because she was showing either – as there was no obvious baby bump in sight.

However, he did happen to know about a condition known as Chloasma. This can develop in some pregnant women, and causes a mark (not dissimilar to skin pigmentation) to appear their forehead. This is also sometimes known as the “mask of pregnancy.”

So rather than having some magical power, Erickson had observed that his colleague’s forehead bore this mark, so after presuming that she was pregnant, he congratulated her (while obviously astounding her in the process).

What Is Hypnotic Mind Reading And How Does It Work?

For hypnotists, language is all important and the words you use can either help or hinder you.

It’s important to be aware of the ways in which Hypnotic Mind Reading differs from Psychological Mind Reading.

Hypnotic Mind Reading should always be used to enrich someone’s life and be based on observations you make about a person. It should never be based on lies or deception!

But when used ethically, Hypnotic Mind Reading is an absolute killer way to bypass the critical factor – helping you to access a subject’s unconscious mind and get to work with helping them overcome whatever issue they’ve come to you for.

Meaning this technique is very effective when working with resistant subjects. But we can’t reiterate enough – using this kind of technique is only warranted when you have the intention of actually helping a subject. It should never be used for your own or someone else’s benefit.

Basically, it goes back to hypnosis ethics 101 where you only use this powerful skill to be a force for good in the world.

Psychological Mind Reading, on the other hand, is generally used for entertainment and is designed to be deceptive.

Here is a case study which is a prime example of how it is used in entertainment.

Psychological mind reading in the entertainment industr

Keep reading to know more about hypnosis mind reading methods explained and demonstrated by hypnosis experts at Hypnosis Training Academy.



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