How To Mine for Storytelling Metaphors: A Hypnotic Demonstration

How to Overcome Hypnosis Obstacle with Mine for Metaphor Technique

It’s a common default reaction when faced with a problem…

In your subject’s determined and well-meaning attempt to understand, analyze, assess and solve an issue, they unwittingly build it up.

The problem grows arms and legs – making it so much more intimidating than what it really is (or ought to be).

This is where overcoming a problem starts to feel impossible.

And is exactly the point where you need to get your subject to do a mental U-turn.

Because rather than building up a problem, the fastest and most powerful way to solve it is to actually scale it back to the core.

Interested to find out how?

Check out the above video demonstration to see master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski “mine for metaphors.”



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