How To Tell A Hypnotic Story That Heals & Transforms Your Subject

How To Tell A Hypnotic Story That Heals & Transforms Your Subject
When people think of Milton Erickson, one trait that comes to mind was his seemingly natural “gift” to tell deeply hypnotizing stories.

The way he could entrance his subjects with even the simplest of words is what gained him so much respect and admiration.

There’s no disputing that he was a clever man and a brilliant hypnotist.

But his ability to always find the right words had nothing to do with him being a Shakespearean-like wordsmith.

In fact, his words were secondary when it came to his proven formula.

Which was:

Hunt for the metaphor within your subject’s story.

Reason being: your subjects unknowingly tell you the stories that they need to hear so they can heal… they just don’t know it.

Meaning that your job as the hypnotist is to find this verbal elixir and feed it back to them.

This may sound like no easy feat. But actually, it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

To find out more, watch the video to hear master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski explain why powerful hypnotic storytelling is a skill anyone can master.



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