The Hypnotist’s Guide To Trance: What It Is, How You Can Induce It and 7 Signs That Show You It’s Happening

The Hypnotist's Guide To Trance: What It Is, How You Can Induce It and 7 Signs That Show You It’s Happening

Many have wondered…

Is it some kind of mystical state of mind?

Is it a powerful force that puts you under a freaky spell where you have no control over your actions?

Is it a mysterious energy that elevates your brain to a higher plane of existence?

While the concept of hypnotic trance certainly conjures up a lot of intrigue and curiosity, the truth is a lot simpler.

In fact, significantly so.

“Trance” really is just a metaphor.

Yep, really.

We hope that this discovery didn’t just blow the air out of your tires in the same way that Dorothy’s first meeting with the Wizard of Oz did.

So let us explain…

Hypnotic “trance” is just a word that we use to identify the conditions under which someone responds to hypnotic suggestions.

We understand that this might read as a bit of a surprise to you. But the proof really is in the pudding. Academics have been studying trance for over a century now, trying to pinpoint exactly what it is.

Is it a state? Is it a trait? Is it a genetic predisposition?

But no matter how hard they look, they can’t find an answer.

They’ve even used fMRI scans that measure brain activity. But they found there was no detectable pattern in the brain when someone was in a trance.

what is trance brain scan

However, thankfully there’s a very good reason they came to this simple, yet obvious conclusion:

We’re in the trance state so often that it doesn’t show up in the brain as anything unusual. It’s an experience that occurs in everyone on a regular basis.

And to further compound this discovery, here is another little known fact:

You don’t need to be in a trance for hypnosis to occur. Hypnosis and trance are not synonymous.

Or otherwise put: being in a trance is not proof that any hypnotic experience is taking place.

However, what does go together like two peas in a pod is hypnosis and suggestion.

If you give someone a suggestion and they act on it, then it’s your gold litmus test that hypnosis is indeed working, meaning that hypnosis and suggestion are completely synonymous with one another.

After reading the above, understandably, you might be wondering, what’s the point of trance then?

So, let us explain…

Trance serves as a type of shorthand to let you know that the conditions in which someone responds to hypnotic suggestions are right.

Therefore, being able to identify a trance or the signs of trance can help you know when a hypnotic relationship has been established.

It gives you a green light to proceed with whatever hypnosis work you intend on doing.

That it’s an optimal time to cue up your suggestions.

Meaning that trance plays an incredibly important role in the whole hypnosis process.

In this article, we’re going to explain what this role is, in addition to explaining the following essential concepts so you’re able to confidently put your subjects into a trance…

So let’s jump in and get started…



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