The Best Type of Hypnosis For You!

Hypnosis can be a very powerful source for you to get enlightened. It is a very good tool for self improvement and to keep yourself motivated to face the hardships of life. But there are many different forms of hypnosis and you have to decide which one is right for you.

Here we talk about 4 types of hypnosis and how they are beneficial for different people with different personality traits.

  • Self-hypnosis: Best for people who are looking for self improvement. 
  • Clinical hypnosis: For people who face some difficulties with their mental health or any other impairment.
  • Conversational hypnosis: The most flexible form of hypnosis, which can be used to transform every aspect of one’s life.
  • Street and Stage hypnosis: For people who have a keen interest in the entertainment industry and want to make a living out of being a stage hypnotist. 

These are the different types of hypnosis. As someone who wants to try this tool and implement it into his/her life, choosing one of them and making sure the method suits them to the ground is very important.

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How to Help Someone Deal with the Fear of Dying from COVID 19?

Ever heard of thanatophobia?

That’s another name for the fear of dying.

Naturally, nobody wants to die.

But the fear of dying has become more widespread recently.

And it’s because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The virus has made people all over the world come face to face with death like never before.

It’s caused them to panic and to suffer stress and anxiety…

… as there’s still so much uncertainty about just how much risk they’re being exposed to.

Fortunately, though, there is a powerful and effective way to fight back their fear.

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Why hypnosis?

Because it’s designed to help you relax.

And you can’t be stressed out or anxious when you’re relaxed.

Hypnosis also helps shut out the everyday world.

It lets you tap into your unconscious where your own inner resources are stored.

So instead of placing all your attention on your problems…

… you put it on possible solutions.

Instead of seeing things from a negative perspective, you see them from a positive one.

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 Hypnosis For Fear Of Dying: How To Help Clients Deal With The COVID-19 Terror

How to Achieve The Right Attitude Leaning Towards “True Happiness”?

Can hypnosis make you happy?

You bet it can.

Just ask yourself: where does happiness come from?

The answer is: inside yourself.

Happiness is an attitude thing.

It doesn’t depend on any external factors whatsoever.

And that’s why hypnosis can help you achieve it.

Because hypnosis takes you inside your mind…

… so you can tap into your own inner resources.

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Hypnosis And Happiness [Part 2]: The Agapic Exercise

But it gets even better than that.

There’s a particular exercise you can do that will almost guarantee your happiness.

Odd thing is, it involves wishing happiness on someone else.

Just think of someone who’s been kind to you.

Then, say “may you be well”.

See them being well and at ease.

There’s more to the exercise than that, but it produces an astounding result.

Because just by wishing someone else happiness, you’ll feel yourself getting happier too.

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Making People Believe in Hypnosis: Three Powerful Stories

Even after years of hypnotherapists making people believe in the perils of hypnosis, there is still a large section of the society that does not want to buy into the fact that hypnosis is not a cheap gimmick, but an advanced scientific method of therapy, that has time and again proven to be more effective than the traditional methods. 

Even hypnotherapists sometimes find it difficult to make their own clients believe in the skill and the power of hypnosis. It is a major part of their hypnotherapy training to make people believe in the process. 

So, there obviously is no definite and sure shot way of doing this, otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue still. But there are certain examples or stories that people can get inspired from and try to take this step in their lives. 

In this Hypnosis Training Academy, we present to you three powerful stories from the people who have undergone hypnosis and how it changed their lives for the better.

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How To Be “Happier” by Redefining Happiness?

What makes you happy?

Is it more money, more success or more material things?

We used to think that success was what made people happy.

But new research shows that to be incorrect.

It’s like putting the cart before the horse.

The actual truth is that happiness breeds success.

In other words, when you’re happy, you can do anything.

You can tackle any problem and deal with any issue.

And when you’re in that frame of mind, success is easy to achieve.

Interestingly enough, hypnosis can help take you there.

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Hypnosis And Happiness [Part 1]: How Hypnosis Can Make You Happier And Fulfilled

Why hypnosis?

Because it lets you tap into your subconscious mind.

It gives you the power to focus on the positive things in your life.

At the same time, it allows you to look at any problems from a different perspective…

… so you can access your own inner resources and deal with those problems in a more creative way.

That’s because happiness is an intrinsic thing.

It exists inside you, and nothing on the outside can affect it.

So unlike the weather, or the financial climate, you can control it.

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