Hypnosis: Who Is Susceptible? How To Quickly Spot Highly-Hypnotizable People & The 5 Most Common Reasons Hypnosis Fails

Hypnosis: Who Is Susceptible? How To Quickly Spot Highly-Hypnotizable People & The 5 Most Common Reasons Hypnosis Fails

“You do something to me
Something that simply mystifies me
Tell me, why should it be
You have the power to hypnotize me?”

When Cole Porter wrote those lyrics, he probably wasn’t thinking about hypnosis in the therapeutic sense of the word.

And yet it throws up an interesting question:

How many people can – or how many people can’t – be hypnotized?

David Spiegel MD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University has been quoted as estimating that about 25% of people cannot be hypnotized.

So while the exact number can’t truly be known, various percentages are frequently bandied about.

To test this hypothesis out, Spiegel and his team used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans to try and figure out why some people were more susceptible than others.

They discovered that people who were more likely to be hypnotized show more activity in areas of the brain concerned with executive control and attention.

Hypnosis susceptible brain scan

People who are easily hypnotized tend to lose track of time and get lost in a book or movie.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Spiegel said that highly hypnotizable people:

“Can readily immerse themselves in thinking about things without having their attention interrupted by pesky reminders of reality.”

It’s thought that roughly between 5-10% of people are highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, while up to 79% of the population are considered moderately susceptible.

Okay, so what do those numbers tell you?

They tell you that you’ve got a good chance of hypnotizing most of the people you meet.

That’s fantastic news, right?

But what they don’t tell you, though, is who those people are and how to spot them.

That’s where street hypnotists may have the upper hand. To weave their magic, they have to act fast.

They might only have seconds to make an impression. They need to be able to spot who’ll make a good subject and who won’t before the person walks on by or loses interest.

So you might be wondering, how do they do this… Keep Reading

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Ultimate Guide On Hypnosis Training: Hypnotists Share Proven Advice For Novices, Intermediates & Seasoned Professionals (PLUS: Videos & Further Training Resources)

ultimate guide to  hypnosis training

Welcome to the ultimate guide on hypnosis training.

In this 3-part guide, you’ll be taken on a journey.

One that will reveal what type of hypnosis training you should do in order to go from being a novice to hypnosis master.

While accomplishing the latter will take longer than the time it will take to read this guide (sorry, this isn’t a quick fix to mastery) you’ll get a very clear idea of how you can hone, improve and advance your skills as a hypnotist.

In essence, consider it as your complete guide to hypnosis training. A road map that’ll arm you with insider tips, resources and training programs to transform you into a confident and proficient hypnotist.

So check it out.

Part 1 – Hypnosis Training For Beginners – Click Here To Read
Part 2 – Hypnosis Training For Intermediates – Click Here To Read
Part 3 – Hypnosis Training For The Advanced – Click Here To Read

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Want To Become A Great Conversational Hypnotist? Here’s Why You Should Play The Role Of Merlin… Not King Arthur

How to Become a Great Hypnotist and Empower People Like Merlin

According to Arthurian legend, Merlin was the wise wizard that engineered the birth of Arthur through magic and intrigue.

Once born, Merlin carefully coached and prepared Arthur to take center stage and become the legendary figure that he did.

But without Merlin’s wise teachings and magic – Arthur never would have existed – let alone become king.

What’s this got to do with conversational hypnosis, you might be thinking?

Well, everything.

Because if you want to become a great conversational hypnotist, you need to play the role of Merlin… not Arthur.

Your job is to transform your subjects into becoming the heroes of their own stories… which can only be done if you empower them to take center stage.

Watch the video above to hear Igor explain more on this.

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Interview With A Hypnotist: Laz Dorgham Reveals How To Use Hypnosis In Stressful Corporate Situations To Build Rapport & Influence Change At The Top

Interview With A Hypnotist: Laz Dorgham Reveals How To Use Hypnosis In Stressful Corporate Situations To Build Rapport & Influence Change At The Top

When you’re working with a client during a hypnosis session, one of the first things you do as a hypnotist is build rapport.

This helps put the client at ease and build trust – which is essential if you’re about to embark on a journey where they need to be vulnerable, open to change and receptive to your suggestions.

This is especially true when working in a controlled environment, such as your hypnosis practice, where you’re working one-on-one and they have specifically come to you for hypnosis.

But what if you’re not in a clinical environment?

How can you effectively use hypnosis – or teach stressed-out execs to ethically use it in highly stressful corporate situations when working with multiple people and trying to influence change where it matters the most… right at the top?

This is exactly what this month’s master hypnotist – Laz Dorgham – was curious to discover after climbing the corporate ladder and realising he could use hypnosis to assist executives.

Since this realization, Laz Dorgham has founded the Academia De La Persuasion, a Spanish speaking institution that teaches persuasion and hypnotic language.

And in this in-depth interview with Igor Ledochowski, Laz reveals what he’s learned about creating rapport from such fast-paced and stressful corporate environments. Particularly when it comes to helping people and corporations improve communication and find ways to solve complicated issues they believed to be “unmanageable.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can use hypnosis in stressful professional situations, or would like to be able to help clients better manage the face-paced corporate world and influence change – go on and listen to the Part 1 of this highly-useful Free Interview at HypnosisTrainingAcademy.com.

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[FREE EBOOK & MP3 AUDIOBOOK] The 7 Most Common Barriers To Building Rapport & The 5-Step Conversation Formula – PLUS: Igor Ledochowski’s Instant Rapport Technique – 2nd Edition

The 7 Most Common Barriers To Building Rapport

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone, and after just a few moments… you click. And not just in your usual run of the mill, “I grew up in the same town and like Cornflakes, too” kinda way, either.

It runs much deeper than that. You could talk for hours on end and never get bored. Sharing your thoughts and ideas seems easy and natural. And although you’ve just met this person, you feel an instant bond.

Deep down you know this is the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding friendship.


You experienced instant rapport. You see yourself mirrored in the other person. You communicate effortlessly and want to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company.

But then, there’s the other side of the coin. Sometimes you meet people and, despite your best efforts, you can’t find any common ground.

The things you enjoy, they don’t. It’s a struggle to make conversation on any level. You feel embarrassed, wishing there was some way you could break through the barrier that’s keeping you from getting to know them.

There is. It’s called Building Rapport.

And not only is rapport building invaluable when it comes to effective communication – your ability to build it will either make or break your hypnosis practice.

Here’s why:

The absence of rapport is telling your subject’s mind that you’re a person that they can’t trust yet.

The problem with this is – without trust, there’s no way to push forward.

Meaning as a hypnotist, it’s your job to make your subject feel safe so you can quickly get down to doing what you do best: using hypnosis to improve their life.

Because when someone feels that their physical safety, social status and their ideas aren’t at risk… then you have most of the ingredients for rapport to flow like a river.

Interested to find out how you can open up these floodgates so rapport flows effortlessly and becomes second nature when you’re working with a subject?

If your response to this question has left you all bright eyed and bushy tailed, then you’re in for a treat.

As we’re about to share our top rapport building secrets to help you further boost your conversational hypnosis practice.

But because rapport is a huge topic, we decided to do something different here and create an eBook so you can read, discover and practice these techniques offline.

Furthermore, because not everyone learns the same, we have also turned this eBook into an MP3 Audiobook so you can listen anytime, anywhere.

But before you get downloading, here’s a quick rundown of what’s covered in both the eBook and the MP3 Audiobook:

  • The 5-Step Conversation Formula
  • The 7 most common barriers to building rapport
  • The single most common rookie mistake in rapport building
  • 3 rapport accelerators

PLUS: As an added bonus, we’ll also reveal Igor Ledochowski’s very own Instant Rapport Technique.

So let’s get cracking.

Visit HypnosisTrainingAcademy.com now to get your FREE eBook + MP3 audiobook revealing the top rapport building secrets, in addition to the 7 most common barriers to building rapport and the 5-step conversion formula for instant rapport building.

Download your FREE eBook and MP3 audiobook on Rapport Building so you can discover and practice these techniques offline anytime, anywhere.

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