The Psychology Behind Gambling Addiction & 3 Hypnosis Techniques That Help


What have hypnosis and gambling got in common?

At first glance, not much, it would seem.

But did you know that hypnosis is a powerful tool to help someone beat gambling addiction?

And that there are lots of different hypnosis techniques that will enable you to do that?

Check out this Hypnosis Training Academy article to find out how to go about it:

The Psychology Behind Gambling Addiction: Discover The Personality Profiles Most At Risk & 3 Hypnosis Techniques That Can Help

Gambling addiction used to be considered a matter of impulse control.

But now it’s seen as an addiction, similar to cocaine or alcohol addiction.

That means there are plenty of hypnosis techniques available to help people overcome their addiction, such as the blitz, or the Non-Awareness Set, or regression.

Read the complete article below for an in-depth look at how to treat gambling addiction using hypnosis:

The Psychology Behind Gambling Addiction: Discover The Personality Profiles Most At Risk & 3 Hypnosis Techniques That Can Help

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How to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy For Smoking Cessation


Do you want to help someone to quit smoking using hypnosis? Without relying on pure willpower or prescriptions, hypnotherapy can be a perfect choice for this.

Reasons why it can be taken into consideration are:

  • When someone is hypnotized, it makes him feel relaxed
  • Conscious mind of the subject takes a back seat
  • Attention is turned inward
  • Hypnosis can be helpful to its clients while communicating with their unconscious mind
  • This makes it possible to embed powerful suggestions that the unconscious mind will act on

As a result, hypnosis can change the way an individual can think about smoking at a deep and profound level thereby helping them to find the motivation to quit smoking within themselves.

Hypnosis is proven to be an effective way for the people to quit the habit of smoking. It can be more effective than nicotine replacement therapy or going cold turkey. So now we know it works and know how powerful hypnotherapy can be in dealing with the problem. The only thing we need to address is how to conduct the perfect “stop smoking session”?

To become aware of the process, let’s break the whole procedure down into two parts so you can see exactly what’s involved. Once you get familiar with the hypnotherapy session, you can complete it comfortably in about 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Check this article to discover how to conduct a powerful habit-kicking smoking cessation hypnotherapy session. There are 2 essential parts that need to come together in order to help the clients kick their nasty habit for good!

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How To Give “Lavish” Hypnotic Gifts – Part 1


Hypnotic gifts are the perfect way to give someone a “feel-good” boost when you don’t have time for a full hypnosis session.

And as it turns out, you can make hypnotic gifts even more powerful when you combine them together into…

“Lavish” gifts!

In this new article by the Hypnosis Training Academy, you’ll find out:

  • The 4 core fields of hypnosis and how each seeks to help someone
  • When it’s the best time to give someone a hypnotic gift in hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis
  • How to use the ‘Tower of Knowledge’ lavish gift as a knowledge acquisition tool

Plus, a step-by-step walkthrough of how to give someone a lavish gift!

You can catch the video here:

[VIDEO] How To Help Your Hypnosis Subjects Become Even More Awesome: The Art Of Giving “Lavish” Hypnotic Gifts – Part 1

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How Does Hypnosis Work? The Science Behind Hypnotic Trance

Ever wondered! How does hypnosis works?

It is a fair question to ask…

Hypnosis refers to that state of consciousness which comprise of an almost magic-like quality used to treat issues such as smoking, phobias, stress, and insomnia – sometimes so quick as in one session.

Curious to discover the science behind hypnotic trends? Check the infographic given to uncover the thoughts on how hypnosis work along with the science

And if you are keen to discover how hypnosis can be used to transform everything in your life whether it’s about your career or personal life scenario, you might dive deep into the world of self-hypnosis.

The concept of self-hypnosis is somewhat similar to that of meditation, except it is more goal-oriented, which definitely makes it highly effective. If you want to achieve some particular goal, experience the inner healing or need to reach heightened states of conscious awareness. What’s more? Even you don’t need a hypnotist to achieve all of this. As the name suggests self-hypnosis is a state you can put yourself into.

Check out this article and get instant access to our groundbreaking self-hypnosis home study program, beyond self-hypnosis, created by one of the top hypnotists – Igor Ledochowski. He will explain how to expand the limits of your unconscious mind and upgrade your mind’s architecture.


Is Hypnosis Real? The Scientific Proof That it Works


You might have probably heard this question so much…
Is hypnosis real and does it actually work? Is it just a myth, or have any basis in reality?

Many questions come to our mind, but what we need is solid proof. One must know that someone, somewhere, has taken the time to find it out. They have done proper research and that their results have been replicated elsewhere.

Findings have confirmed over and over again, so there’s no chance of mistake.
No matter who you are or how many degrees you hold, when it comes to hypnosis, a kind of proof exists.

You might have thought What Hypnosis is all about? It is a proven effective technique used in dealing with a whole range of psychological issues. From phobia or from stress, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are capable of doing a lot more than we could have imagined.

But before we process further, it is most important to assure clients that hypnosis actually works, is real and it does produce positive results.

Check out this article to discover numerous ways on how hypnosis has helped people and how it is recognized as a practical method of healing worldwide.

Source: Hypnosis Training Academy