Have You Ever Second-Guessed Yourself?

Have You Ever Second-Guessed Yourself?

Have you ever made the decision to do something, but later wondered if you’d done the right thing?

Of course you have.

Happens to everybody.

 Second-guessing is common after making a big purchase.

This is called buyer’s remorse, and it’s fairly harmless.

After all, most purchases are guaranteed in some way.

But second-guessing is also common when charting a new course for your life.

For example, switching careers, taking a new job, going back to school, or even setting out to master a new skill.

  • Am I cut out for this?
  • Did I make the right decision?
  • Do I have what it takes to succeed? 

The doubts come fast and furious.

People hesitate.

They ask friends and family for advice and find themselves even more confused – and with less clarity – than before.

The solution?

 Fish or cut bait. 

You can’t do something half-heartedly and expect any kind of real success.

So decide whether you will or you won’t.

And if you will…

…then be totally focused, totally committed.

Act boldly with single-minded purpose.

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OVER 18? Then Conversational Hypnosis Is Your Ticket To The Good Life

OVER 18? Then Conversational Hypnosis Is Your Ticket To The Good Life

If you’re a…



Health Professional…


Sales Person…


Business Owner…








Or anyone over the age of 18, then…

To be as successful as you can be in your life and career it’s crucial that you are able to lead, manage, convince, influence and persuade other people.

And the easiest, fastest and best way  to do that is through:

Conversational Hypnosis.

I am the most qualified person in the world to teach you conversational hypnosis.

Here are 7 reasons why >>

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Why Hypnosis Is Used In The Forensic World (And Its Relevance To You)

Why Hypnosis Is Used In The Forensic World

Would you buy one of the most expensive hypnosis books in the world?

Maybe, maybe not.

After all, it is titled “Investigative Forensic Hypnosis.”

And it’ll set you back $113.95.

Who would buy such a book? 

Criminal prosecutors, that’s who.

See in a criminal prosecution investigative forensic hypnosis can be used to get a confused witness to delve into their subconscious mind and remember the digits on a number plate…

…remember the color of an alleged assailants shoes…

…or perhaps remember other “forgotten” information that could lead to a prosecution (or acquittal).

Point is: 

Not to tempt you to buy the book.


The point is to remind you of how important hypnosis is (and how seriously it is now taken) when lives, literally, are on the line.

So don’t ever allow anyone to “talk down” on hypnosis and its place in the world.

Anyone who does, is ignorant about the undoubted effectiveness of hypnosis.

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[Interview] Meet the Risk-taking and Business-savvy Hypnotist



Opening a business isn’t easy.

Sure, it takes preparation and planning…

But once you’ve built a solid foundation, sometimes the best thing to do is just jump in and give it your best shot.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but you’re scared to take the plunge, you might just find the inspiration you’ve been looking in this interview published by the Hypnosis Training Academy.

In this interview, you’ll hear master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski interview a savvy entrepreneur by the name of Jason Linett.

One of Jason’s main skills is thinking quickly on his feet and taking calculated risks, so in this interview Jason shares advice on how to prepare yourself and act without getting bogged down in the details.

You’ll also find out:

— How Jason cultivated the kind of mindset that allowed him to see past the “typical” way of doing things and find a fresh approach to running a hypnosis practice

— Insights on how Jason made it to success quicker and easier than most people

— Incredible stories about how Jason took on difficult hypnosis clients and used a creative approach to get amazing results

Plus you’ll find out Jason’s TOP tip for hypnotists and professionals to help further your career on your own terms.

Listen to Jason Linett’s empowering story of how to build a successful hypnosis practise based on your experience and passion.

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Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner Shares How To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner Shares How To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

Dealing with – and breaking free from – an unhealthy relationship is never easy.

But the good news is, there are strategies available that can pave the way for a healthy recovery.

In this heartfelt interview with master hypnotist, Karsten Küstner, he shares his journey into hypnosis, in addition to a very personal account of how he dealt with narcissistic abuse in an unhealthy relationship.

Listen to this interview to find out how Karsten found his passion for helping others overcome abusive relationships so they can transition into more confident, healthier versions of themselves.

Go ahead and listen to this heartfelt interview now by heading over to the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Source: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/karsten-kustner-narcissistic-abuse/