Secrets Behind Conversational Hypnosis: Igor Ledochowski Answers Your 6 Biggest Questions

Conversational Hypnosis Q&A with Igor ledochowski

How long is a piece of string?

As long as you want it to be.

But surprisingly, the same can be said about post-hypnotic suggestions.

Read this Hypnosis Training Academy article to find out why that is:

Conversational Hypnosis Q&A: Igor Ledochowski Answers Your 6 Biggest Questions To Reveal The Mystery Behind Hypnosis

You’ve probably seen a hypnosis stage show where someone does something silly when a particular word is spoken.

They might sing like Elvis, or cluck like a chicken.

And that can carry on anytime that word is spoken, even after the show has finished.

Usually the person’s unconscious mind rationalizes it and it stops.

But in at least one case, it stuck in a woman’s head for almost 30 years.

Find out how it happened by checking out the article below:

Conversational Hypnosis Q&A: Igor Ledochowski Answers Your 6 Biggest Questions To Reveal The Mystery Behind Hypnosis


How to Deepen Trance With “Doctor Unconscious” Cycles

In this video from Igor you’ll hear about how you can use hypnotic ‘fractionation’.

In fact, you’ve probably experienced fractionation without realizing it.

Because essentially, fractionation is when you go in and out of a trance state… like when reading a book you get absorbed in over and over again.

And as you’ll hear Igor explain, fractionation is incredibly valuable in hypnosis because it trains and deepens your subject’s trance skills.

You’ll discover how to use fractionation and why it helps your subject go into trance more easily.

Plus, you’ll find out how to practice this technique using the Dr. Unconscious Cycles — an exercise where as “Dr. Unconscious” you assume everything your subject does is proof of their unconscious mind working.

Using the Dr. Unconscious cycles, you’ll take your subject into a pattern of doing trance “work” and then bringing them back into the “office” to talk about their experience.

This is a great way to practice working with a subject who doesn’t know how they’re supposed to experience trance… because whatever they experience proves unconscious activity.

After Igor explains the technique and concept behind the exercise, you’ll also get to see Igor perform a demo of the Dr. Unconscious “work” cycle.

It’s pretty neat!

In face, this demo is part of Igor’s brand new training designed to transform you into the equivalent of a“Michelin Star rated” Hypnotherapist.



Hypnotic Induction Demo: Trance Training & “Body Flying”

Ever had a fantasy of being able to fly?

In this video demonstration Igor Ledochowski works with one of his students to do a hypnotic demo of a deep trance induction.

First off, Igor picks a past experience that the subject has had with trance. One of the first that his subject can remember. That experience was when his parents used to read him bedtime stories – especially Peter Pan. Because he loved the concept of being able to fly.

With Igor identifying a past trance state that had a profound impact on this subject, he specifically creates an induction that fits this experience for his subject.

This is a very powerful way to get someone into a deep trance. Because a lot of the foundation has already been laid for you to continue to build on as the hypnotist.

You can “start from scratch” so to speak. But by leveraging a past experience that a subject already tells you is a powerful trance state for them, will make the session that much more effective.

So a good tip to remember when you’re working with a hypnosis subject in a hypnosis or hypnotherapy setting.

The unique part about this induction is how many times Igor brings his subject in and out of the deep trance, so that the subject can share his experience throughout this hypnotic demonstration.


Hypnosis Demo: Erickson’s 4 Key Trance Inductions

In this fascinating video, Igor performs 4 trance induction demos.

Remember that at the core of any hypnotic induction is of course…

The ABS formula!

(Here’s a quick recap: A = absorb attention, B = bypass the critical factor, S = stimulate the unconscious mind.)

And as you master hypnosis you’ll start to notice how it’s possible to use different variations of the formula to guide your subject into trance.

And in the video, you’ll see Igor perform the ABS formula 4 times… in 4 different ways… in 4 inductions!

Watch and listen closely to hear how Igor focuses the subject’s attention either internally or externally to guide the subject into trance:

Induction 1: Igor absorbs the subject’s attention and focuses him on “nothing”.. Or is it “no thing”?
Induction 2: Igor focuses the subject’s attention on his arm and helps him connect to his unconscious
Induction 3: The subject’s attention is focused on a light in front of him.
Induction 4: Igor focuses the subject’s attention on a feeling

What techniques is Igor using to absorb attention?

— A fascinating idea
— Eye fixation (lamp shade)
— The subject’s arm
— A feeling (an internal experience)

In fact, what you’re seeing are the 4 core Ericksonian trance maneuvers…

And a truly great example of how you can adapt your induction to your subject and context!

This video features a clip from Igor’s newest (and most in-depth training to date) on Ericksonian hypnosis!


How To Handle Hypnosis Induction Failure

In this video, Igor discusses hypnotic induction failure.

You see, what you do BEFORE and AFTER putting someone in a hypnotic trance is critical and leaving it out can result in induction failure – or your subject coming out of trance.

What does this involve?

Before you begin an induction, you need to set up the right context, and during the trance (after the induction) you want to use deepeners so your subject stays within the trance state.

Otherwise, your subject might go into trance for a fraction of second but then come right out of it.. And they’ll say it didn’t work!

So why does this happen?

Quite simply, your subject briefly dropped into a trance… but didn’t know what to do there so they came out of it.

From the hypnotist’s side, if you’re nervous and forget to use a deepener to maintain the trance, it will cause the subject to “pop out” of their trance state.