[DEMO] How Hypnosis Can Put The Spark Back Into A Relationship


There are many kinds of “hypnotic gifts” you can give during street hypnosis.

For example, you can:

… Boost someone’s confidence
… Make someone feel happy and energized
… Transform stress
… Help someone experience a powerful change in perspective

But perhaps one of the lesser-known gifts you can part is love!

In this exciting hypnosis training video, master hypnotists Igor Ledochowski and Jonny Dupre demonstrate how to use the “cupid’s arrow” technique to revivify the initial spark a couple feels at the beginning of a relationship.

Curious to discover how?

Visit the Hypnosis Training Academy now to access this free hypnosis training video:

[DEMO] Hypnotic Love Revivification – Put The Spark Back Into A Relationship With The “Cupid’s Arrow” Technique

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Hypnotic Profiling – Part 1: Abstract vs. Concrete Thinkers

In this video Igor discusses why he believes that people are not their profile, and that it’s only a representation of who they are right now.

So you should make sure to always include the fact that people can change in your mindset.

Especially when working with them as a subject. And really, as time goes on, and the more you come to know someone, you should be creating a more sophisticated profile.

In this video Igor shows you how to hypnotically profile someone in a conversational setting. The first thing he looks at is the difference between an abstract vs. concrete thinker.

It’s easy to spot the difference between these two types of people, if you listen to what they say, and how they say it.

Igor reveals how to use language to uncover your subject’s inner landscape.

If you want access to even more little-known shortcut secrets of Conversational Hypnosis, then visit us at hypnosistraininacademy.com

Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction: Part 4 – How To Navigate Your Unconscious Mind And Unlock Your True Potential

Find a quiet spot and listen to Part 4 of the Hypnosis Training Academy’s guided self-hypnosis series:

[AUDIO] Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction With Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner: Part 4 – How To Navigate Your Unconscious Mind And Unlock Your True Potential

Self-hypnosis can help you do many things:

Boost emotional well-being…

Improve sleep…

Lose weight or quit smoking…

And maybe best of all, it can help you unlock your true potential.

So in thisself-hypnosis induction, master hypnotist Karsten Küstner shows you how to navigate your unconscious, discover new resources and use the full power of your mind.

By the end of the session, you’ll be left wondering: what am I capable of now that I wasn’t before?

Click below to discover the final audio in this 4-part series, and if you missed Part 1-3, you’ll can also catch them here:

Part 4 – How To Navigate Your Unconscious Mind And Unlock Your True Potential

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How Hypnotic Influence Can Backfire: Don’t Use “The Stick”

Igor discusses how some trainers purposely choose someone to pick on or victimize so they can kick them out.

So that everyone else is so shocked into never agreeing or disagreeing with them.

That’s an awful way of going about things.

It’s a sign of a weak trainer. Someone who has no confidence in their material.

There’s no need for it; for making people feel so negative.

If you have that attitude, there’s no reason you should be on the stage.

Because you become a bit of a dictator — telling people what they should be instead of what they could be.

Instead, it’s always more powerful to inspire others.

Plus – “using the stick” in this way WILL backfire on you.

Because people don’t like to feel shame, embarrassment or fear in relation to anything.

Including you, your message, or what you might be trying to sell through your message!

Bottom line: When the stick is no longer present, the motivation goes away.

So focus on inspiring. And your influence will be lasting. Visit hypnosistrainingacademy.com for more information. 

Guided Self-Hypnosis With Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner: Part 3 – Letting Go

Screenshot from 2018-11-30 18-10-05.png

Welcome back to our guided self-hypnosis induction series.

In the Part 1 and Part 2 meditations, master hypnotist Karsten Küstner helped you explore themes of relaxation and peace.

In Part 3, you’ll discover how to discern between your moods, feelings and thoughts, while playing with the boundaries that exist inside and outside of your body.

In doing so, you can learn how to let go and experience deep relaxation – even when the backdrop of your mind is flooded with thoughts, noises and distractions.

Get your headphones ready, sit in a comfortable position with your spine up straight and allow yourself the opportunity to relax from head to toe!

Listen to this relaxing guided self-hypnosis induction here.