How To Use Ethical Conversational Hypnosis In Sales – Part 1


Sales skills are incredibly useful.

However, when many people hear the word “sales” they often think of manipulation or pushy sales tactics.

In today’s new training video by the Hypnosis Training Academy, master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski explores how you can communicate value in the sales process while forming positive relationships with others.

In this fascinating video, Igor reveals:

  • How to communicate value in any social context
  • Why rapport, questions and framing are essential to your sales success
  • The 3 archetypes in sales (and why authority matters)
  • The lifecycle of a customer

And much more!

How To Use Ethical Conversational Hypnosis In Sales – Part 1: Social Context & The Lifecycle Of A Client

Source: Hypnosis Training Academy

How Much Time Does It Take to Learn Hypnosis?


You spend most of your life learning many things. You learn to walk, speak, understand people, and invest time to learn a specific skill.

Sometimes you learn new things because of your surroundings, and sometimes because of your interests.

You never stop learning anything new, no matter how long you live.

There’s always one or the other thing available to discover. And your brain is built in a way to it make sure you learn it all.

So, whether you want to learn how to paint, how to fly a plane or anything else, the learning process is similar for all. 

Even if you want to learn hypnosis

Of course, mastering any skill consumes time and take things to a whole other level but it requires learning the basics, applying them regularly, and keeping it up-to-date. It is required to practice the skill until it becomes second nature.

All you need is to take it step-by-step.

If you practice everyday, perfect your basics and doesn’t give up easily, you’ll most probably experience the results quite quickly. So what are you waiting for? Go through the guide to know what it takes to learn hypnosis?

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Learn the Easy 6-Step Formula to Hypnotize Yourself

Screenshot from 2020-01-14 18-04-06

Want to learn self-hypnosis? It is quite easy to learn than you might think, it can be.

Self-hypnosis is much easier to learn and is similar to meditation. Anyone can master it, all it takes is some practice and dedication on your part.

It is similar like going to the gym for the first time, your muscles don’t have much stamina, but as you continue with the training part, they will get stronger and stronger, and what once looks difficult, now you’re able to accomplish that with ease.

Learning how to hypnotize yourself is much similar to it. One time it might feel uncomfortable or even impossible, to begin with, but as you go further,  you’ll find it much simpler and ultimately, you’ll start thinking that, how you have got through the whole week without spending time going inwards.

If you are interested to know about the power of self-hypnosis, check the hypnosis training program available. Self-hypnosis is an effective technique that and can be used to reach any particular goal, experience inner healing or it can even reach heightened states of conscious awareness.

If you are interested in to discover how to get started with a self-hypnosis practice, check out the infographic for a beginner’s step-by-step guide.

Source: Hypnosis Training Academy


Interested to Learn Hypnosis? Here’s What to Expect At A Training Course


If you’re looking for a  Hypnosis training course that matches your level! Dug deep in this article and find out what can you expect at each level.

There are courses available for one who seeks interest to learn hypnosis – separately for beginners, intermediates and advanced level.

Hypnosis for beginners
Whether you’ve been practising it for years or you’re curious to start.

Learning hypnosis for the first time requires some commitment and a few people to practice with.

Hypnosis for Intermediates
If you’re attending an intermediate course, then you’re probably a bit more speed up, about what you expect and a little more fluent, but you still might be uncertain about your abilities or want to continue with your subject.

An intermediate course can bring you lots of advantages.

Hypnosis for Advance
If you’re attending an advanced hypnosis training course, then you’re already a decent hypnotist, more confident and have achieved plenty of success with clients.

Advanced training is all about depth. It gives you the chance to appreciate the subtleties behind the various techniques you use.

Hypnosis is such a valuable life tool – whether you learn it for pleasure or you go professional. But with learning any new skill, it’s totally usual that you doubt your ability at staging. This all is a part of the process! But once you go beyond this, hypnosis is fun and perhaps is easy to learn.

Find out more what hypnosis training courses can help you achieve by reading the article!

Source: Hypnosis Training academy

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? 3 Powerful Stories to Know


When you get hypnotized or going to get hypnotize, most of the people asks “What does hypnosis feel like?”

This question is naturally asked to most of the hypnotist and hypnotherapists. And being one, you always want to give the best answer for it. It becomes easy if you were able to explain the feeling, people can have while being hypnotized, so that, it helps them to understand it better.

You as a hypnotist must provide a reasonable answer that doesn’t just fob them off. This is because one day, the people who ask the question could become your subjects.

So what to tell them? The truth is, this is not an easy question to answer because of 3 reasons:

  • Experience of hypnosis is different for everyone
  • For some people, hypnosis might feel different every time they experience
  • It isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of experience

These 3 points could leave you with a question in mind. If it’s different for everyone, then how can you possibly tell someone – what hypnosis feels like? The answer is clear: You tell them what hypnosis might feel like. What they might experience. What happens to most of the people, when they are hypnotized.

Then, during hypnosis, if they don’t experience the same as you have mentioned, or their experience is slightly different, at least you have prepared them for that eventuality in advance.

To know what most of the people have experienced, check these interesting hypnotic stories to know What Someone Might Feel During Hypnosis.

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