Interview With A Hypnotist: Igor Ledochowski Shares His Secrets Of Success – Part 2

Igor ledochowski hypnotist interview

In this interview with our very own hypnotist Igor Ledochowski, he shares valuable lessons he’s learned throughout his successful hypnosis career.

He also shares how his constant curiosity to learn has been key to his inspiration and productivity over the years – helping him create over 100 hypnosis home study programs and masterclasses.

He also reveals what led him to develop his own hypnosis style – known as conversational hypnosis – which can be used in any environment.

You’ll also hear how Igor developed other hypnosis techniques such as Mind Bending Language, as well as his H+ concept.

So go ahead and listen to this insightful interview:

Interview With A Hypnotist: Igor Ledochowski Shares His Secrets Of Success – Part 2



Self Hypnosis Talk: The Problems With Visualizations

In this video, Igor shares stories of how he tried different visualization methods when he was younger. He shares the issues and challenges that came up for him.

See if you can relate….

Some visualizations are impossible to do. They’re so detailed and so complex, they make you scratch your heads and say “How am I supposed to do that?”

The wrong “fish” is in your “pond”. We all have different meaning that we attach to certain symbols. Sometimes the symbol that you’re being asked to have an emotional reaction to is not relevant to you. And you need your own symbol, with meaning that is specific to you in order to trigger the emotional response you’re being asked to feel.

Sound familiar?

To overcome these issues, and have successful visualizations, you must allow your unconscious mind to do the work for you.

Being able to trust your unconscious enough to give you symbols that work for you.

The conscious mind selects certain symbols that you know and like, and then your unconscious mind will select symbols that mean something to you that you’re not even aware of.

Some of them you will not like. But the wonderful thing is, you’ll learn from them. And that’s what really matters.


Learn Hypnosis: Why Uncertainty Is So Important

In this video Igor Ledochowski has a presumption that he shares:

(Which reverses a cultural bias.)

“Certainty is only for amateurs.”

At the beginning when you’re learning a new skill, this is when certainty is helpful for you.

It gives you the foundation and a confidence about what you’re learning.

But if you want to be better than you were yesterday that’s when certainty is poisonous.

Because it’s uncertainty where growth happens.

Where development occurs.

If you want to really understand hypnosis, you have to be uncertain about what it is.

If you want to be better at hypnosis than uncertainty is essential.

Because al you can do with certainty, is replicate what you’re certain about.

If you want to improve, you have to go beyond what you know to be certain.

Of course new territory is difficult, and often scary.

But you’ll be better for the growth provided to you on your hypnosis journey.

Igor doesn’t encourage you to be a basket-case of nerves while you’re uncertain.

There is a way to grow without feeling afraid to the point of being debilitated.

Watch the video to learn more about hypnosis.


How To Turn Yourself Into A Hypnotic “Trance Engine”

In this video, Igor Ledochowski talks about a little bit of history of how hypnotists and the craft of hypnosis survived throughout the ages.

Back in the day, hypnotists were partly hypnotists and partly mesmerists. The only reason that hypnosis survived was that hypnosis became a parlor trick.

Normally, you had 10-20 wealthy aristocrats that would pay hypnotists to demonstrate lots of amazing mind tricks and trance scenarios.

But most of these aristocrats didn’t want to be hypnotized themselves. So hypnotists would bring their own personal “trance monkey” – someone they could drop into trance for the purpose of entertaining their wealthy clientele.

How does this information help you when you’re working with your hypnosis subjects today?

Well, the thing is, people respond to people.

So for example you can do something Milton Erickson used to do. If he had someone who was difficult to get into a trance, he would actually hypnotize someone else he knew went into trance easily.

And then get the person in trance to talk to the person who was having a hard time entering trance. Just this act alone would make the tricky trance subject much more likely to enter the trance state themselves. Watch the video to know more.



Self Hypnosis Demonstration: How To Get Out Of “Bucketland”


In this video with Igor Ledochowski, he explores an interesting analogy about self growth – called “Bucketland”.

When you explore up to the limits of your “Bucketland” you’ll feel frustrated, bored, angry and depressed. Like life is going no where.

Because it is!

Usually people only leave Bucketland in real life, if something traumatic happens, and “spills” them out. And for a while life is very unpleasant – until they realize that they’re now in “Bathtub Land”.

And the process continues.

Hear the full self-hypnosis talk in the video by Igor Ledochowski.